July 27, 2020

Today I have started a new page where I will be posting my grandmother Isabella Brownlees (1874-1958)’s post card collection. Most of the images are from Scotland and the English counties of Durham and Northumberland but there are a few from further afield – Paris, Ireland, Buffalo, New York, etc.  There are about 270 cards in total and I will be posting them gradually as I get time to scan and transcribe them. Most of the cards are from 1903 -1909 but she continued to add a few to the collection until the 1930s. Some of the cards were mailed to her but others were passed on by family and friends who knew she was collecting post cards. The image on the front of the card was the important thing for her post card album but I have been fascinated by the glimpse into her life and the activities of her family that  comes from the notes on the back of the cards. The link is:

Post Cards – Isabella Brownlees collection – Northumberland & Scotland

4 thoughts on “July 27, 2020

  1. Hello Pamela,
    I’ve enjoyed looking through your collection of postcards. I noticed that you had a question about Maxwellheugh mill and Teviot mill in Kelso. I work for the company that owns the building and we’ve always called it Teviot mill. The Teviot is the river in the picture, although it’s much wider now.
    In the distance, the town of Kelso is visible, it is following the line of the larger river Tweed which the Teviot is about to join. Obscured by Teviot mill is another mill on the far side of the Tweed, Kelso Mills which is the one we still run today. Sadly Teviot mill is not in use and the building is in a fairly poor state.


    1. Hello Lucy, Thank you for taking the time to send me an explanation about the Teviot Mill in Kelso. If it is OK with you I will copy your reply into my caption for the post card. As I live in Canada and have not had an opportunity to visit Kelso or many of the places in my grandmother’s post card collection your note about the mills and how the Teviot joins up with the Tweed is very helpful. Thanks again. Pamela Forsyth


      1. Hi Pamela, I have no objections to you publishing my reply, I’m glad I could be helpful. I’m doing a drawing of local places as they looked in the 1960s and your postcard of Sprouston Church is very helpful.
        Although, to be fair, it hasn’t changed much, the trees have just grown.


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