JULY 11, 2020

FINISHED posting all the Revenue and Expenditure Accounts of the Woodnorth (Manitoba) School Board. Now all of the School Board materials that I have located are on the website – all the Minutes of regular Board meetings (1918-1951),  the Annual Meetings (1918-1949) and all the account books (1910-1958).

This has been a time consuming project spread out over the last year. It has also been an interesting window into the history of the Woodnorth community as scores of teachers and local residents are shown playing a part in the school’s activities. Local people worked as trustees and auditors for the School Board, drove school vans, did caretaking, cleaning, repairs, hauled wood and coal for the furnace in winter, planned programs, field days and school picnics in concert with the teachers. The Minutes also reflect the great financial difficulties faced by the School and many residents of the communty during the 1930s and early 1940s but they managed to keep the school operating for almost sixty years (1910-1968).

One thought on “JULY 11, 2020

  1. Now that you have finished with that project…what are you going to tackle next? Me… am just accomplishing nothing….at least I can be out of doors. Not sure how I will be coping with the winter! Much to do…no incentive to do it.


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