3 thoughts on “December 12, 2022

    1. Hi Louise, Yes, and it was quite roundabout. A third cousin in Tasmania found my website a few years ago and we stayed in touch. Then this year she put me in touch with a second cousin of hers in England who was scanning and sharing with her the photos from their great-grandmother’s album. At first I posted them on my site with password protection while we were working on it. Then I asked if he would be ok with my making them public and he said yes. I keep hoping that some other descendant of this family will have pictures that are identified. It is kind of sad that we have all these lovely photos but we don’t know who most of them are. It has been fun to try to guess but I really would like to KNOW.

      We missed you at the tea on Saturday. Hope you are well.

      Thanks for sending me a comment. It’s nice to get feedback! Pam


  1. Reading your notes gradually!

     11 children for one!

    Constantly pregnant!   I missed if they all lived???


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