April 26, 2020

I have completed and posted my transcriptions of the Minutes of the Woodnorth Consolidated School District #1533 Annual Ratepayers’ Meetings.

Woodnorth Consolidated School #1533 RATEPAYERS’ ANNUAL MEETING Minutes 1918 to 1949

In some years  there was also a special meeting, usually to fill a Trustee vacancy created by the unexpected death of a Trustee during his/her term of office. The main business of the meetings of the Ratepayers was to elect new Trustees and to hear and discuss the Trustees’ annual report and the Auditor’s annual report.

I am continuing to transcribe the Minutes of the regular meetings of the School Board and have completed the years 1918-1927.

One thought on “April 26, 2020

  1. You are amazing. I have absolutely no motivation to do much of anything. I manage to get out to walk Abi but that is about it. Hope this state of affairs doesn’t last beyond the pandemic or I will be in trouble.


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