July 14, 2019

Yesterday, I started to scan and post images of the Minutes of the Woodnorth Consolidated School #1533. The first meeting was in July 1918. I will continue posting until I have completed all the Minute Books and Expense Account Ledgers that I have available – going to the late 1950s. (This will take many weeks.) I have transcribed a few pages of the Minutes but will give priority to getting the scanning done and then go back to transcribing. Thanks to Grant Shoemaker for locating these volumes and giving them to me for scanning. Upon completion of my scanning project the original volumes will be deposited with the Manitoba Provincial Archives.

The Minutes give an interesting picture of life in Woodnorth at the time as various citizens volunteer as School Board Trustees and teachers come and go.

Woodnorth (Manitoba) Consolidated School #1533 Board Minutes 1918 to

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