Cameron Wedding Pictures & Other Photos from the 1940s and 1950s

Below are the wedding photographs of the five children of Donald Duncan Cameron (1878-1941) and Isabella Allan (m.s. Brownlees) Cameron (1874-1958) of Woodnorth, Manitoba.

After the wedding photos are some other family photos from the 1940s and 1950s.

Duncan Fyfe Cameron (1909-1977) married Mary Ann McKay (1905-2003) on  October 10, 1936 in Fort Garry, Manitoba
Wilfred Forsyth (1904-1977) married Sarah Short Cameron (1910-1992) on August 31, 1940 at Fort William, Ontario
Donald Ian Cameron (1912-1998) married Della Ileen Shoemaker on July 9, 1941
Kenneth Brownlee Cameron (1914-2010) married Ruth Kirkpatrick [born Marjorie Barker] (1925-2014) on July 17, 1946
Leonard Allan Cameron (1917-1997) married Elizabeth Margaret Munro (1920-2010) on November 13, 1941


OTHER PHOTOS from the 1940s


Donald Ian Cameron (1912-1998) and Della Ileen Cameron (1912-2000) taken at The Chevron Studio in Victoria British Columbia. I think it operated from 1943-1950. Ian was in the Canadian Navy during World War II and was posted to Victoria for part of his time in the service.

2015-05-11 13.39.04.jpg

Ian Cameron on a leave from the Navy with his mother Isabella (Brownlees) Cameron (1874-1958) at the farm at Woodnorth.

Below is a post card Ian sent to his mother, dated Sept 20, 1944, of his ship the HMCS Gananoque.



“D.I.Cameron v.40088 HMCS Ganonoque, c/o F.M.O, Halifax, N.S. Sept 20/44                   Dear Mother: Sorry I could not get back for harvest, but guess you are getting along as best you can. How is the wheat running this year? Have they got over the summer fallow again? If not it will be in pretty bad shape. How did you get over your trip to Wpg.? As ever, Ian”


2015-05-11 13.42.02.jpg

Sarah (m.s. Cameron) Forsyth (1910-1992) and Wilfred Forsyth (1904-1977) in Ontario or Nova Scotia, approx. 1940-1942, before his regiment was sent to England in August 1942.

Wilf Forsyth on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower, Paris, Fall 1945 – after the War was over, waiting for his turn to be shipped home to Canada.
Kenneth Brownlee Cameron (1914-2005) taken about 1944.
Elizabeth (m.s. Munro) Cameron  (1920-2010) in the late 1930s or early 1940s
Duncan Fyfe Cameron (1909-1977). This picture is earlier than the others in this section – probably taken about 1928 when he was in Winnipeg for teacher training at Normal School.



Jessie (m.s. Mitchell) (1895-1980) and Robert Kirkpatrick (1891-1954)with their daughter Ruth (1925-2014) who married Ken Cameron (1914-2004). Photo courtesy of Robert Cameron.

IMG_0388.jpg   Wedding day of Ruth Kirkpatrick and Ken Cameron, 17 July 1946. Best man Ian Cameron at far right, matron of honour Mary (m.s. Mitchell) Matthewson at far left. Photo courtesy of their son Robert Cameron.

GRANDCHILDREN of Donald and Isabella Cameron

Some early pictures of the Cameron grandchildren are below:

Allan Cameron – about 1942
Allan Cameron – Mid or  late 1940s.
Sharon and Allan Cameron in about 1953
Sharon Cameron – about 1951
Gerry and Lylia Cameron – about 1947/48.
Gordon, Bud (Gerry), Lylia Cameron – about 1950
Doug, Jack, Don Cameron – About 1949
Pat & Pam Forsyth- About 1951 at photo studio in Virden
Robert & Murray Cameron – about 1949.
IMG_0386 2.jpg
Robert, Ferne, Murray – About 1951

1957   At Woodnorth School in December 1957

SCAN0456 2.jpg
Robert Cameron – December 1957
SCAN0457 2.jpg
Ferne Cameron – December 1957
Murray Cameron- December 1957
SCAN0455 2.jpg
Keith Cameron – December 1957
Doug Cameron – December 1957
Jack Cameron – December 1957


Sharon Cameron in San Diego in 1960.

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