Post Cards – Isabella Brownlees Collection – page 2 – by place

May 4, 2022

As this Post Card Collection is fairly large I decided to post this batch by place. The places depicted are mostly in the Scottish/English borders area, Northumberland, Berwickshire and Roxburghshire in the early years of the 20th century.

The scan of the front of the card is shown first, followed by a scan of the back. Most of the cards were mailed but even if the back of the card is blank I have scanned it in case it contains clues that may interest those who study or collect these types of post card.

ALNWICK, Northumberland, England

Hotspur Tower, Alnwick. [Reliable Series]
Addressed to Miss Brownlees, Branxton Buildings, Cornhill on Tweed. (crossed out is the address Tweed Bank House, Kelso) Postmarked at both Kelso (July 30, 1906) and Berwick, July 28, 1906.  This is the only example in the collection of crossed writing on a post card, although it was once common in letters. I have not been able to sort it all out: “My Darling,  Here we are sitting with a gal either side. It  ? someone to take care of us. Been bathing once & go ? this morning. Don’t take this as gospel although it is the case. I am ? of needing someone to take charge of me – It is time I was home. Willie.”


A second copy of this card but from a different sender – Georgina (Ina) Bruce, (1867-1909) aunt of Iabella Brownlees (1874-1958).Mailed August 24, 1905.
To Miss Brownlee, Branxton Buildings, Cornhill-on-Tweed, Northumberland, England.  Post-marked at Alnwick at 9:15 August 24, 1905. “Bessie intends on coming to Alnwick on Saturday with the ten train and as I intended coming for Allan on Saturday could you  manage to get him down to the station and Bessie could bring him with her & has his ticket fine wether for the ?. from I.B.” [Ina Bruce]
St. Michael’s Church, Alnwick. “Do not forget the pets. Cora Willie.”
To Miss [Sarah] Allan, Branxton Buildings, Cornhill on Tweed, Postmarked Alnwick 9:15 pm July 21, 1905. ” Landed, Allan was just at ? . So pleased his eyes were like saucers. They are all well, will stay over Sunday. Allan has a lot of places to take me he says. Good rain this afternoon. He has a lot of things to ask about.”
Bondgate, Alnwick.

To: Miss Allan, Branxton Buildings, Cornhill on Tweed. Postmarked Lesbury, July 28, 1906 and Kelso 5pm July 30, 1906. “Dearest Bella, Accept all my love on this card and will bring the rest with me darling. Alex”  [Lesbury is a small village in Northumberland about three miles southwest of Alnwick. Don’t know who the sender may be.]
SCAN1177 2.JPG
Market Place, ALNWICK  [Reliable Series]

SCAN1178 2.JPG
To Miss Brownlee, Branxton Buildings, Cornhill-on-Tweed. Postmarked at Alnwick, 9:15 p.m. August 18, 1904. “We got home all right rather cold in the train. Hopes grandfather is a bit better. We have got the jelly made and is splendid. I hope the pussy’s have kept out of the cans. With kind love to all the feathereed fowls. toodles.”  unsigned.

The Barbican, Alnwick Castle  [Reliable Series]
To: Miss Brownlee, Branxton Buildings, Cornhill on Tweed. Postmarked Alnwick 9:15 pm May 4, 1904. “Dear Bella, We were glad to hear you were all well. We are all well ourselves. Intend being down on the 21st. from I. Bruce  [Ina Bruce, aunt of Bella Brownlees]

Alnwick Castle from Dairy Grounds (Reliable Series)
To Miss Brownlee, Branxton Buildings, Cornhill on Tweed. Posted at Alnwick 9:15 pm, August 8, 1905.  (In pencil above the name is also written: Mr Bruce, Alnwick.)  ” We got home all safe, an awful wet night but did not get much of it.  I stayed at ? until the last train Sunday night. Now I hope Allan is behaving himself & enjoying himself. We feel very ? without him be sure & write & let us know how he is getting on. Ina Bruce.”
Alnwick Castle, from Pastures. Postmarked 1904
To: Miss Brownlee, Branxton Buildings, Cornhill-on-Tweed. “Arrived home all safe & Allan has been off to school. He was very tired. Nothing but haws [fruit of the hawthorne bush] lying down all over. J. has got a dog will be at Coldstream Station by 3:20 train on Sat Oct 1st. from Ina” . Postmarked Alnwick, 9:15 PM September 28, 1904.  “Ina” is Isabella Brownlees’ Aunt Georgina Allan (1867-1909) who married John Bruce (abt 1868-1930). The “Allan” mentioned on this card is their son Peter Allan Bruce (1898-1976).

BRANXTON, Northumberland, England



To Miss Brownlee, Tweedbank, Kelso. Postmarked Cornhill on Tweed, October 3, 1906. “Now Bella don’t you think this good of the old village. So sorry I did not see you when you were down. With kindest love from M. Hardy.”




To Miss Brownlee, Tweedbank, Kelso. Postmarked Cornhill on Tweed September 26, 1906.  “What do you think of this photo of auld Sandy?  Like him isn’t it. Got box all right all well. Jeanie.”


Branxton School


To Miss Brownlee Tweedbank, Kelso. Postmarked Cornhill on Tweed, October 29, 1906. “Dear Bella received your paper all right. Hoping that you are well and Bessie. John is busy cleaning out the far pond and we are all well and Jimmie is getting of fine.” [This card was produced by George W. Gibson, Photographer, Coldstream.]
Branxton Church


To Mr Cameron, Pawston Mindrun, R.S.O. [Railway Sub Office]. Postmarked Cornhill on Tweed June 13, 1904. “Have you ever seen this place before or would you like to see it. Pity to miss a good thing.”
CHILLINGHAM, Northumberland, England

Great Hall, Chillingham Castle. [According to Wilipedia, the castle was originally a monastery in the 12th century but was converted to a fortified castle in medieval times. It is now a Grade I listed building.]
To  Miss Brownlees, Tweed Bank, Kelso. Postmarked Cornhill on Tweed, 1907. ” Dear Bella, Here is another for your collection and hopes that it will find you well as we are all well and S. very busy wee a pig killing and J. got great ? about the dairy when he was up so it must be paying the rent. W.L.” [Possibly William Lockie]
COLDSTREAM, Berwickshire, Scotland

High Street Coldstream. Card postmarked Coldstream at 6:30 pm on Dec 29, 1904
Post-mark: Dec 29, 1904 6:30 pm, Coldstream. To: Master J. Melrose, c/o Miss Allan, Branxton Buildings, Cornhill-on-Tweed. “I expect to be across on Saturday. Hope you are enjoying yourself and keeping out of mischief. G.M.”  G.M. is George Melrose, age 15, older brother of  John Melrose, age 9 ,who must be spending a few days with their Aunt Sarah Allan who lives about three miles away..


High Street, West   COLDSTREAM
To: Miss Brownlee, Branxton Buildings, Cornhill-on-Tweed. Postmarked Kelso 6:15 pm April 13, 1905. “Thanks for the clocker [or chicken?] also the loaf. We are fairly enjoying it. I don’t think I will need to take the eggs to ? as she is sitting all right – set whole five yesterday. I am just going off to see Bessie tonight. Didn’t get the cycle running (?) on Tuesday night. Fine weather. Don’t be long in coming up. Kind love to all,  J.A. [probably Bella Brownlees’s cousin Jane Allan]
Market Place, Coldstream.


To Miss Brownlee, Tweed Bank, Kelso, postmarked May 3, 1906, Cornhill-on-Tweed. “Dear Bella, I wonder if you have got any like this. How did you get home last fridaynight. You never got down here. Love from J.C. (or I. C.)


Cheviot Hills from COLDSTREAM  Postmarked Hamilton, Canada, 1 am, June 23, 1905
To Mr Cameron c/o Arthur Burnnett, Galt, Ontario, Canada. Postmarked Cornhill on Tweed, June 13, 1905 and also Galt, Ontario, pm, June 23, 1905.  There is no message on the card as postal regulations stated, “This space may be used for communication for inland postage only” and the card was being sent from England to Canada. The initials “T.A” on the front of the card probably means that it was from Tom Allan, cousin of Isabella Brownlee. Donald Cameron had emigrated to Canada in March 1905. He was working for Mr. Burnett to get some Canadian farming experience before going to Manitoba to purchase his own farm.


Coldstream from the Bridge
To Miss Allan, c/o Mrs Lillie, Ladhope, Selkirk. Post-marked Coldstream 7 pm Oct ober 18, 1906.“Thanks for post card ? . I can’t give you any information about the match as I was not up. The result was C.5, D 2. The home team was quite delighted with themselves. You’ll have to excuse this as I am writing it in bed, have been lying these two days. I think it’s the hen/pen (?) lovely isn’t it but I’ve bags of time to be better before next Thursday. Helen is coming home tonight. Hope you have a good time. With love May (?) [possibly Miss Allan’s sister Mary who lived in Coldstream, but could be someone else entirely. Don’t know anyone named Helen.]  Card published by G. W. Gibson, Coldstream.
Teviot Bridge, Kelso, Roxburghshire, Scotland. Built in 1795 by William Elliot. Has been a Category A, listed building, since 1971. Card published by A. MacGregor, Kelso.
To Miss Brownlee, Branxton Buildings, Cornhill-on-Tweed. Postmarked Kelso 4:15 May 25, 1904. “Dear Bella, I think ? intends coming down on Saturday ? the ten train. So he will be out by dinner time. Hope Grandfather is about his usual. We are all well. Yours loving J.A  (Jane Allan)
Pallinsburn House, Coldstream  [Berwickshire]     Valentines Series
To Miss Brownlee, Branxton Buildings, Cornhill-on-Tweed. Postmarked at Wark Coldstream and Coldstream 6:30 pm July 15, 1904. “I have got half an hour and ten minutes yet. It is time I was away. einaJ (Janie).



Braehead Walk, COLDSTREAM Valentine Series.  “Hope you haven’t got this one. Be good.”
To Miss Brownlee, Branxton Buildings, Cornhill-on-Tweed. Postmarked at Coldstream 8:30 am August 1, 1904. “Could you not manage down on Thursday to Spittal with me. Send a post card and let us know if you can get. I am getting on A.1. Thought you would be over yesterday. Hope grandfather’s keeping well. With best love to all from Sarah. [Because of the mention of their grandfather I think this is probably isabella Brownlee’s cousin Sarah Short Melrose, age 20, who lived at Coldstream.]


The card BELOW has NO DATE but must have been sent between 1925 and 1930. This card shows Braehead Walk, Coldstream and the Tweed River which at that point is the border between England’s Northumberland and Scotland’s Berwickshire.

The card was not mailed so must have been enclosed in a letter or parcel sent to my grandmother in Canada from one of her aunts – either Sarah or Bessie Allan.






Braehead Walk COLDSTREAM “The Tweed was near up to the wall last month, not the like for over 40 years & Leet [a smaller river that feeds into the Tweed] over all these bridges and then salmon galore. Mary [Melrose, formerly Allan, who lived at Monument Cottage, Coldstream] still has a nice garden & hens and works a lot herself as she can. Sarah [Mary’s daughter] polishes on & on, aye. Mary was in at Edinburgh in the summer to see Andrew and Len’s houses together. Andrew calls his Branxton.”  Mary (Allan) Melrose’s sons, Andrew and Len Melrose, bought side-by-side houses in Edinburgh, at #18 and #20 Traquair Park West, Corstophine, sometime between 1925 and 1930.


CROOKHAM, Northumberland, England

To: Mr D. Cameron, 11 Bridge Street, Berwick on Tweed. Postmarked Cornhill on Tweed, Dec 6, 1904. “Showery weather but looking up for better.”


ELSDON, Northumberland, England

Elsdon Tower (from Village)   Alexandra Series 21.

To Miss Brownlees Branxton Buildings, Cornhill-on-Tweed, post-marked Morpeth, 9pm October 10, 1905  “Thanks for post card. Feel quite shocked. Was just afraid you were not behaving yourself. We are all well & enjoying ourslves first-rate it keeps fine weather. Sarah will be home on Tuesday morning if all’s well. Hope you are not too busy. Best love from all. M.J. S. [Mary Jane Short]
ETAL, Northumberland, England



To Mr. D. Cameron, 11 Bridge Street, Berwick on Tweed, postmarked Cornhill on Tweed January 27, 1905.  “Fear not little flock. It is Willie’s delight to give you the pasture.”
This card uses the same photo as the one above but it is cropped slightly differently. Nothing is written on the back.


To: Miss Bella Brownlees, Branxton Buildings, Cornhill-on-Tweed. Post-marked Milfield, January 1905.  “a happy New Year to you all. J. St (?)

FORD, Northumberland, England

Ford Church


Ford Castle “Won’t you come here for a day.”
To: Mr D. Cameron, 11 Bridge Street, Berwick on Tweed, Post-marked Cornhill on Tweed August 20, 1904.  “Have you started your harvest or are you still at the bathing yet. Save me a few fish.”
Ford Castle
To: Mr. J. Allan, Branxton Buildings, Cornhill-on-Tweed. Postmarked Coldstream 7 pm May 9, 1907. “I may be home this week-end so if you can get perhaps you will go up too. Kind regards to Aunt Sara. T.A. (Tom Allan? or Jane Allan?)

HARTFORD HOUSE, near Bedlington, Northumberland, England

Hartford House

To Miss Allan, Branxton Buildings, Cornhill-on-Tweed. Postmarked Longframlington November 8.  “I hope you do not ?. I’ve quite forgot you have been very busy lately. Will try & write this week. The weather is much colder now. Best love to all. M.J.S. [Mary jane Short]
HAWICK, Roxburghshire, Scotland

Stobs Castle and Bridge, Hawick
To Mr Lockie, Branxton Buildings, Cornhill-on-Tweed. Postmarked Cornhill-on-Tweed November 18, 1904. “Hoping yer enjoying ye’sel as we’re doing among the cards.”

HOWICK, Northumberland, England

Howick Hall, Northumberland, is the ancestral home of the Earls Grey. The famous tea was named after Charles Grey (1764-1845) the second Earl, as was Grey County in Ontario, Canada. The second Earl was also the Prime Minister of Britain from 1930-1934. The 4th Earl was Governor-General of Canada from 1904-1911.
To: Mrs D.D. Cameron,  P.O. Box 538, Virden, Manitoba, Canada. Postmarked Lesbury, Sept 14, 1908. “This is Earl Grey’s residence (Governor-General of Canada). Am staying quite near and having a lovely time at Hawick steads. Hope both are very well & nicely settled down now. The weather is rather broken here. Hope you have got on nicely with the harvest. What a busy time you will  have. Do write soon again. Am longing to hear from you. All were well at home when I left on Friday. Jack still at Northwhich [?], expecting him home this week. Loads of love. M.A.C. [Mary Ann Cameron] 11 Sept 1908.

JEDBURGH, Roxburghshire, Scotland

To Miss Brownlee, Tweedbank, Kelso, postmarked Jedburgh, 4:15 pm Ap 24 [ year not visible but probably 1906-1908]. “This is Jedburgh. What do you think of it?”
Jedburgh Abbey

To: Miss Brownlee, Tweedbank Kelso. Postmarked Jedburgh, 4:15 pm April 24 [year not visible but probably 1906- 1908] “This is for Bessie. I forgot her name.”
KELSO, Roxburghshire, Scotland

Tweed at Bullock Loan, Kelso
“Dear Bella, Just a line to say we got potatoes all right. Thank Mr. Allan kindly for them. Glad to hear he is improving a bit. Father is not feeling well just now. Sorry I can’t get across this week but perhaps next. Kind love to all. I. Bolton [Isabella Bolton] Postmarked Cornhill on Tweed October 20, 1904.
The Square, KELSO   Reliable Series  495/14
“Wishing you a very Merry Xmas from J. Jachi  or Jacln (?)” To Miss Brownlees, Branxton Buildings, Cornhill on Tweed. Postmarked Kelso 8:15 December 23, 1907
Stitchell House, KELSO


Stitchell Linn, KELSO
“My Dear B. Pleasant to have your card and glad to hear you were all well. We are very quiet. We have no live stock now but Bob and the ducks. They are a pair of nice ones. Bob is getting on a treat. I had a post card from Bessie but I can’t send her one in return as I have no address. Have you ever been at Sprouston. Since you left come up to see us if you are. Give Sarah our kind regards. With love to yourself and give Bessie my kind regards.”  To Miss Brownlee, Branxton buildings, Cornhill on Tweed. Postmarked at Kelso, 6:15 pm November 4, 1907.


KELSO ABBEY     Reliable Series
6:15, October 13, 1904, Kelso.  Dear Bella, Thanks for P.C. [post card] So glad to hear your grandfather is keeping better. We have been very busy lately & expecting more company on Saturday, So that is the way they keep us going, not much chance of getting down for a while yet but will write. Looking to ?? lovely ? Both well. Hoping you are all likewise. Kind love from Bessie.
Kerchesters, near KELSO, Roxburghshire.
The card, with picture of Kerchesters on the front was where some of the Allan family lived. It was sent to Mr John L. Allan c/ Mr William Taylor, Gainsboro, Saskatchewan, Canada, then re-directed to Virden, Manitoba, close to  where his cousin Isabella Allan (Brownlees) Cameron lived.  Postmarked Kelso, 4:15 pm April 12,1909. John must have left the card for Isabella’s collection or it arrived after he had left.


LANGHOLM, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland


TO Master Duncan Cameron, Woodnorth Farm, Woodnorth, Manitoba, Canada. Postmarked Langholm 7:30 PM 21 September 1917. Reliable Series. “Dear Duncan. I was plesed to have your mother’s letter yesterday & hear you were all well, also your wee letters. I had posted one to your father and mother the day before. Surely harvest is late with  ?  It’s about all cut here. It would be nice seeing the elephant, etc. Love to all from Gramie.” [i.e. Mary (Fyfe) Cameron (1848-1940)]
LAUDER, Berwickshire, Scotland

Loanside & Station Road, LAUDER

SCAN1236 2.JPG
To Miss Allan Tweedbank House, Kelso, Postmarked Lauder, Berwickshire, 2:30 pm, March 22, 1907. “Arrived here safely about 6 pm a long time on the road. Found them all right all well. Your E.A.  [possibly Elizabeth/Bessie Allan)
LONGFRAMLINGTON, Northumberland, England

To Miss Allan, Branxton Buildings, Cornhill on Tweed. Postmarked Longframlington 19 Jan, 1905.  “Parcels arrived safely this morning. Many thanks for your trouble. Uncle is still keeping better. He is very pleased with the things. I hope you have got home all right. The weather is very mild now. Love to all.  M.J.S. [Mary Jane Short]
Longframlington, Northumberland.

To: Miss Brownlee c/o Mr. Laing Tweed Bank, Kelso. Postmarked Morpeth  9pm June 6, 1906. “Dear Bella, You may excuse me for never answering your picture post card. We are getting on all right but going down for holidays a week on Saturday. ? it’s likely you will be having Tom to see you as usual. It’s quite pleasant here now. Weather warm. Kind love from both to Bessie and yurself. Yours, Lizzie. [This is probably referring to a visit from Bella’s brother, 15-year-old Tom Brownlees (1891-1960) who lived in Gateshead. Another post card in this collection is from Tom to their Aunt thanking her for a visit he had made to Branxton Buildings.]
LOWICK, Northumberland, England [about 10 miles south of Berwick-on-Tweed]

LOWICK, Northumberland. Card postmarked 1906. This is the village where Peter Allan (1823-1905) was christened in December 1823.

To Miss Brownlees, Tweed Bank Kelso. Postmarked Cornhill on Tweed, Sept 1906.  “Dear Bella, Many thanks for post-card. Glad you are well. We are all well. We do not know when M[ary] Vessey is coming. Hope to see you soon.  J. C.  [or J.A. ?]
MORPETH, Northumberland, England 

To: Miss Brownlees, Tweed Bank, Kelso. Postmarked Cornhill on Tweed, April 26, 1907. “Got safe home. I was waiting.  Got an old woman to help me out. Bab (or Bob) slept all the way. They have got the P. Parcel. Yet had a letter today. With love to both. Hope to hear soon. J.L.
The River Font, Mitford, MORPETH   The Wranch Series No. 11590

To Miss Allan, Branxton Buildings, Cornhill on Tweed, Postmarked Edinburgh 2 am, May 30, 1905. “Arrived all right. Bill (or Bell) no worse. No sign of Bessie at Kelso. Sorry forgot your parcel. Yours I.B. ” [Probably Isabella Bolton, sister of the addressee.]
MOWHAUGH, Roxburghshire, Scotland [near Morebattle]



NORHAM, Northumberland, England  [7 miles southwest of Berwick-on-Tweed]

SCAN1251 2.JPG
SCAN1252 2.JPG
To Miss Brownlees c/o Mr Laing, Tweed Bank, Kelso. Postmarked Cornhill on Tweed, July 27, 1906. “My Dear Bella, When are you going to send me your dear face. I hope soon. I am ? on it now.  With much love to Bessie and yourself from Janie W(?)”


Marmion Arch, Norham Castle
To Miss Brownlees, Branxton Buildings, Cornhill-on-Tweed, postmarked at Coldstream Dec 22, 1905. “Just to wish you a Happy Christmas and a Bright New Year, from AGE”
NORHAM CASTLE “Wishing you a Merry Christmas”   The Waverley Series J.R.R.E.
To Miss Brownlee, Branxton Buildings, Cornhill on Tweed, Postmarked Kelso December 2, 1905. “With all good wishes for Xmas and the New Year. K & B”


ROTHBURY, Northumberland, England

To Mr William Lockie, Branxton Buildings, Cornhill on Tweed. Postmarked Rothbury 4:15 pm, May 26, 1905. “Here for the afternoon. Had to walk 4 miles go back by train. Hopes you’re getting on fine. We are enjoying ourselves. I. B. [ Isabella Bolton, mother of William Lockie]
To: Miss Brownlees, Branxton Buildings, Cornhill-on-Tweed. Postmarked 9 pm, August 2, 1905 “Thank you so much for pretty post card. We are both well. Uncle is not sure when he will get to see you but will be writing to Sarah soon. How are you getting on with the dry weather. Everything is about burned up here. Have you had your holidays yet? Best to all. M.J.S [Mary Jane Short]  It is Framlington Feast on Sunday. Are you coming?”
Brinkburn Priory, near Rothbury. “Arrived home safely last night about 8 o’clock. Will write soon. M.J.S.”[Mary Jane Short]
To: Miss Allan, Branxton Buildings, Cornhill on Tweed” Postmarked Morpeth 9pm, 5 July, 1903.


Vale of the Coquet at Cragend, Rothbury


To: Miss Allan, Branxton Buildings, Cornhill-on-Tweed. Postmarked 9 pm Feb 23, 1906 at Morpeth  “Dear Sarah. Thanks for letter and post card. I intended writing this week but have been rather busy. Uncle is pretty well again, is quite busy just now. Glad to hear you are all well. The weather keeps wintry yet. Love from both. M.J.S. [Mary Jane Short] Will write soon”


Craigside, ROTHBURY now belongs to the National Trust and is one of the most visited properties in northern England.  Link to a wikipedia article about it.

To: Miss Brownlees, Branxton Buildings, Cornhill-on-Tweed.  “With best wishes for a Happy Christmas” from M.J.S. (Bella Brownlees’ Cousin Mary Jane Short), posted December 24, 1903, at Pauperhaugh, Rothbury parish, Northumberland ) Photo by Ruddock Ltd. Phototyped in Frankfort.


Whitton Terrace, ROTHBURY
To Miss Brownlees, Branxton Buildings, Cornhill-on-Tweed, postmarked 9 pm March 6, 1905 at Morpeth. “Thanks for pretty post card. We were glad to hear that Uncle was some better. Trust he is still improving. How mild the weather keeps. You will be all very busy. Uncle George is pretty well just now. Hope to write to Sarah soon. Best love to all. M.J.S.”  Note: In this card Mary Jane Short (1871-1926) is speaking about her uncle Peter Allan (1823-1905) who died just twelve days later on March 18, 1905. Mary Jane’s father, John Short (abt 1831- 1899) was a brother of Sarah Short, (1824-1902), Peter Allan’s late wife. Mary Jane acted as housekeeper for her uncle George Short (abt1835-1925).
To Miss Brownlees, Branxton Buildings, Cornhii-on-Tweed. Postmarked 9pm Jan 30, 1905 at Morpeth. “How are you getting on with your “Collection” now? I expect you will be very busy at present. Have you got the motor car yet? How are the cats? Mine are all right; getting very lazy though. We have no mice here. Love from M.J.S.” [Mary Jane Short]

SPROUSTON, Roxburghshire, Scotland  [2miles northeast of Kelso]






To Miss Allan, Branxton Buildings, Cornhill-on-Tweed. Postmarked 6:15 am, March 1, 1906 at Kelso. “Dear S. & W. [Sarah Allan and William Lockie] Landed. Bessie was at the station so I got all my boxes down. The Master is at Bournmouth, yet. I have got your order away. This is the half-holiday. Bella. Will write.”  Note: At this time Isabella Brownlee was moving from her Aunt’s home at Branxton Buildings to work and live at Tweedbank House, Kelso for the Laing family. Her Aunt Bessie Allan was also working there at that time.
STAMFORDHAM, Northumberland, England

STAMFORDHAM VILLAGE, looking West.   Wilkinson & Taylor , South Shields


To Miss B. Brownlees, Branxton Buildings, Cornhill-on-Tweed. Postmarked Nov 14, 1904 at Stamfordham. “I hope you are all well. some fine weather just now. T.A.    Note: Another card posted from Stamfordham, with a full name, indicates that this writer was THOMAS ALLAN (1881-1939), a first cousin of  ISABELLA BROWNLEES (1874-1958)


The VILLAGE, STAMFORDHAM    [W.A. Philipson: Copyright.]
To Miss Bella Brownlee, Branxton Buildings. Postmarked May 20, 1904, at Stamfordham. “This is a fine little village I have got to at the finish. It only wants one thing to put it right. T.A. [This is Tom Allan (1881-1939)]



To: Miss Bella Brownlee, Branxton Buildings, Cornhill-on-Tweed. Postmarked Stamfordham, September 27, 1904. Card from Thomas ALLAN (1881-1939), Bella’s first cousin. “This is where all the nice lasses are here. T.A. [Tom Allan]

WARK-ON-TWEED, Northumberland, England  [15 miles SW of Berwick-on-Tweed]

This card was sent to Miss [Sarah] Allan, Branxton Buildings, Cornhill on Tweed, postmarked December  24, 1904 at Coldstream, just across the Tweed River. Thanks to Graham Dennis for identifying this photo as one of Wark taken from the castle mound.
To: Miss Allan, Branxton Buildings, Cornhill-on-Tweed. “To wish you a happy Christmas. You will know this view. [Wark-on-Tweed] Hope you are keeping well. Her ladyship and Isabel in Italy. Betsy and me alone here. AGE  [initials only, not sure who the writer is.] Postmarked 7:30am at Coldstream Dec 24, 1904.

Another view of Wark-on-Tweed, postmarked July 20, 1906 at Coldstream.
To: Miss Allan, Branxton Buildings, Cornhill-on-Tweed. “Wark. Dear S(arah). I am sending you a view of the old place, isn’t it good? Thank you for your letter of sympathy when Father died. I feel very lonely now. I miss him so much. With love I am your ? friend ?” postmarked at Wark and Coldstream 5:15 pm June 20, 1906.


WOOLER, Northumberland, England

Wooler Bridge          The Photochrome Co. Ltd., London



YETHOLM & KIRK YETHOLM, Roxburghshire, Scotland

YETHOLM from Staerough
Back of the above card of Yetholm from Staerough
Primside Mill,  YETHOLM
TO Mrs Bolton, Branxton Buildings, Cornhill on Tweed, Postmarked Yetholm April 27, 1906. “27-4-06 This is to let you all see we are thinking about you. Mother is a little better and down stairs. Love to all, especially you & John. Alice”  Mrs Bolton is my grandmother’s aunt, her mother’s sister ,Isabella Allan who married John Bolton.
“Donald may remember this view.”  The Monarch Series Post Card R.Johnston & Sons: Newcastle. Works: Gateshead. This card was not mailed so may have been included in a parcel or letter sent to the Donald Cameron family in Manitoba, Canada.
KIRK YETHOLM from Venchen
To Miss Allan, Branxton Buildings, Cornhill on Tweed. Post marked Yetholm Oct 14, 1904. “Pleased your father is keeping better since this fine weather. Hope it keeps over next week. Love to all from all. E.A.”
KIRK YETHOLM from Venchen
To: Miss Bella Brownlee, Tweedbank House, Kelso, Dec 31 [remainder of post mark unreadable but the year would be 1906 or 1907]”May the New Year bring you every blessing. Many thanks for Xmas card. Yours sincerely, Cairns.”

This last card is a bit mysterious – no indication of exactly where it is located but the sender knew it would be familiar to the person receiving the card. It was not mailed so may have been enclosed with a letter.

The only detail on this card is “White House Dec 1912” as seen in the scan below.