Camerons on Horseback

John Cameron (1845-1932), my great-grandfather, at Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland, England


My grandfather Donald Cameron (1878-1941) on his pony Charlie, in Berwick-on-Tweed in the 1880s.

Below: Donald’s brother John/Jack Cameron (1883-1920). There is no info on the photo but he appears to be in uniform so it may have been taken during WWI when he was in Egypt or after the War when he stayed in the Army and was posted to British East Africa (now Kenya).


Below: Della (m.s. Shoemaker) Cameron (1912-2000) in front of the old blacksmith’s shop at Woodnorth Manitoba, on David Scharff’s horse, “Mr. Ed”. Taken in the Fall 1965.



Here is Jerry (Bud) Cameron on his Welsh Pony for which he won 1st Prize at Reston Fair (Manitoba) on July 26, 1951. He is a grandson of the Donald Cameron (1878-1941) pictured above on the pony Charlie. I don’t know this horse’s name.

[The original is not yellow like this one but I could not seem to adjust it to a normal black and white. Below is a better colour but from my Flip-Pal mini-scanner which could not do the entire picture. ]